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Scope of Services


Othal Partners, LLC offers its clients a dual platform for stimulating growth and development in their ventures. One aspect of our service provides results-oriented business development consulting; the other approach yields strategic marketing, public relations, and event tie-ins designed to meet core objectives. We measure our success through enhanced awareness, increased project sales and partnerships, and criteria mutually agreed upon between our organizations.


      Selectable Services:


  •  Function as a liaison of your company to organizations, individuals, and corporate entities that may facilitate exposure, networking, and corporate relationships to your benefit
  •  Creative Services (Creative Concepts, Commercial Copy Writing, Graphic Design, and Production)
  •   Voiceover/Spokesperson Talent & Production
  •   Media Buying (Internet, TV, radio and print)
  • Provide all specialty product needs from apparel to promotional products to unique gift items for marketing and clients
  •   Evaluation of Marketing and Promotional Materials, and Vehicles
  •   Integration of Online and Offline Marketing Plans
  •   Review, Recommendations and/or Strategic Re-Design of Existing Web Sites


          Tactical Implementation for Niche Branding (as needed):

  • E-mail and Database Marketing
  • Interactive Advertising and Promotion
  • Direct Marketing
  • Print, Broadcast and Outdoor Advertising                                           


       Othal Partners, LLC through its many experienced associates, also offers   
                                       results-centered consulting services (designed to yield quantifiable,
                                       bottom-line impacting results) in the following areas:


  • Business Plan Development
  • Business Process Evaluation & Enhancement Recommendations 
  • Market Entry/Launch Strategy Development
    • Sales Channel Development
    • Analysis / Identification of Optimal Market Targets
    • Channel Prioritization
    • Marketing Message Development
    • Customer Care Strategy Planning & Support



    In order to enhance your overall business development strategies, we will leverage our associates 80+ years of experience in the areas of Business Development, Organizational Development, Marketing, Event Creation & Management, and Public Relations, which includes specific concentration in growth and expansion. With this experience, we can make even your least objective relate to your overall marketing plan.


    Othal Partners, LLC is poised to make recommendations to enhance your communication efforts to present a cohesive message that best represents your brand to your target market. 


    If needed, we can develop a strategic communications plan that helps your company differentiate itself from all the competition, and maximize your resources to drive the overall messaging. Key messaging vehicles may include, but are not limited to:


    • Promotional Marketing and Collateral Materials
    • Press Kits & Releases
    • Case studies
    • Website
    • Advertising
    • Media Relations

    Corporate, Public, and Community Relations


    One of our primary goals is to set up an environment in which current and potential clients can say positive things about your company to industry professionals, including editors, reporters, and other members of the press. We will include these positive statements in press releases, feature stories, bylined articles, case studies and other media resources.


    The real key to driving short-term objectives into long-term success is to find ways to generate positive news about your practice on a regular basis. We believe this will fundamentally move your potential & current clients from awareness to purchase or buy-in. Therefore, we will:


    • Identify the key analysts in your industry and establish relationships that can help your company's messages reach the right editors, investors, and prospects 


    • Evaluate and/or develop an enhanced internal communications vehicles for your  employees, and distribute a steady stream of positive news about your company externally


    • Consistently tie-in your company with the industry, and community based initiatives, causes, and educational enrichment for noteworthiness to business, governmental leadership, and national media


    • Assist in developing an enhanced platform to recruit new staff and interns for employment opportunities with your organization – (We also have great strengths in the recruitment of minorities)

    Event & Meeting Management


    Events and trade shows make up a large component of Othal Partners, LLC. Our creative expertise in this segment of business marketing is a unique opportunity to maximize your brand exposure and increase bottom line profit. We will assist you in leveraging our events and trade shows into powerful, meaningful opportunities to communicate and build relationships with influential people in your market

    By leveraging our relationships and expertise with local, regional, and national business market executives, Othal Partners, LLC can offer innovative and customized solutions from our event platforms to enhance your company's overall growth.

    Othal Partners, LLC has performed various aspects of our scope of services and/or event creation services for many corporate entities and individuals who operate in the special interest areas of:

    • Health Care
    • Commercial Real Estate
    • Professional Sports
    • World Entertainment
    • 501(c)(3)
    • Legal
    • Banking
    • Municipal Administration
    • Automotive
    • Food Service
    • Restaurants
    • Travel
    • Engineering
    • Construction
    • Political
    • Federal Housing
    • Higher Learning
    • Professional Recruitment
    • Corporate Training