What we do ... is who we are!

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About Us

Othal Partners, LLC


Othal Partners was founded in July of 1991 by R. Stan Kelly as Victoria Agency & Production Company (a full service advertising and marketing firm). In the spring of 2010, the business model of the organization was changed in order to offer strategic stream line services for more clients looking to increase their presence to national and international markets. Through a methodical development of key business associations, the name was changed to Othal Partners, LLC, to better reflect the extension of Othal Partners’ growing consortium.


Still providing solid turn-key services to small & medium businesses, Othal Partners is now able to provide larger & growing clients more capability for their projected needs. From initial business development services to process & organizational enhancement, strategic planning, and market penetration, Othal Partners can now serve as a more expansive resource.   


Othal Partners is also a holding company of new & emerging business brands in commercial real estate, global health education & showcases, the travel industry, BBQ themed events, and wine & foods exhibitions.

Our Corporate Credo

Othal Partners, LLC’s corporate footprint is based on a fully integrated turnkey strategy for creating events, marketing, merchandising, investments, and business management. Othal Partners, LLC respectfully chooses to exist as an organization that operates in concert with the impetus born from our inspired purpose:

  • Operate as trustees for improving the quality of business and life for our staff, consultants, and community


  • Embrace, and strive to honor God in what we do


  • Never be ruled by any blessing we’ve been given


  • Do business on the premise that all people matter